BMA Private Lessons & Seminars


The majority of training is held at Jerome’s Gym in Richardson. Occasionally special seminars are held at other locations.



Private lessons

Tailor your training as you see fit! HKD, TKD, Arnis, kickboxing, generalized self-defense, weapon defenses, wheelchair defenses, etc. The current rates are $100 per hour for an individual, $150 for semi-privates with 2-5 people.  Master Beck can also come to you and teach you in your own home! House-call rates are the same within a 20 mile round-trip, plus an additional $1 a mile for travel expenses beyond that.



Master Beck is available to teach occasional seminars, whether in the styles of Hapkido, Taekwondo, Arnis, MMA/kickboxing, a crosstraining approach to some particular area of interest to the martial artist such as pressure point controls, or in self-defense to the general public.  He has taught many self-defense seminars over the years to varied audiences: the general public, existing BMA and Sun Lee students; sororities; a TKD group at a corporation, even a Dallas law office. A typical self-defense seminar format is 3-4 hours covering the following:

Street Smarts & Common Sense Precautions

Mental Aspects of Self-Defense

Legal Aspects of Self-Defense

Physical Aspects of Self-Defense:

    Passive Defense - escapes from grabs & defensive movement

    Active Defense - pressure points & joint locks

    All-Out Defense - kicks & strikes & what to target

    ‘Hopeless’ situations - pinned positions & weapons



In addition, Master Beck is very interested in seeing Hapkido grow in the DFW area. To that end, he has hosted other instructors for seminars and helped promote Hapkido and HKD related seminars in the area. For more information, visit the DFW-Hapkido Mailing List page.