Hapkido and HKD-related arts such as Hwarangdo, Kuk Sul Won, Tu Kong Mu Sul, etc are fairly scarce and scattered in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Most teach out of some other style basis such as Taekwondo and are involved in different organizations with little communication between them. That's fine as far as it goes, people are welcome to do their own thing and train the way they want to; but when such Hapkido luminaries as Dojunim Han Jae JI, Grandmaster In Sun SEO, and/or Dr. He-Young Kimm come to this area, they should get a large audience! We've got to do a good job of getting the word out to *everyone* interested!

Therefore, I created a DFW Hapkido Seminar Mailing List, a list of schools & individuals in the Dallas Fort Worth area that would be interested in receiving information about any HKD or HKD-related seminars.

This is not a HKD umbrella organization. It is simply an easy way that those of us interested in spreading Hapkido knowledge can contact each other. This mailing list is publically available on request so that anyone (regardless of HKD organization) putting on a seminar can more easily reach his prospective audience, thus making individual seminars more successful. Besides seminars, this also makes it possible to have joint training sessions where techniques and knowledge may be shared in a non judgemental, non-political atmosphere and the art can grow. Reputations will build as they deserve to, regardless of who belongs to what organization.

Anyone can join this list. You don't need to have a black belt or any martial arts experience at all, or belong to any particular organization. It does not obligate you to anything. It simply means that you will be notified of any seminars or shared training that I, David N. Beck, know about. Whether I'm hosting, teaching, received a flyer, or got an email.

Due to spam concerns, I will not put the list on my website itself; but I'll be happy to send it to any instructor putting on a seminar via either e-mail request or snail mail request.

Over 120 people at last count, the list keeps growing. To join, please provide name, e-mail and snail mail addresses, phone #, and school affiliation if any on this form.  Or call me at 214-334-5951.

The list has helped support many seminars in the general DFW area, including Plano, Richardson, Euless, Whitehouse, Bonham, and McKinney. I've hosted some, Master Murphy has hosted some, Master Zwieg has hosted; the important factor is that great HKD instructors come and teach, not who hosts. Pictures from a number of these seminars are in my Galleries. In addition, we've spread the word and some students have attended seminars in the Austin and Houston areas. We are gradually increasing DFW's presence in the Hapkido community.

Area Seminar Instructors have included:

Dojunim Han Jae Ji, 10th Dan, World Sin Moo Hapkido Association

GrandMaster In Sun Seo, 10th Dan, World KiDo Federation

GrandMaster J. R. West, 9th Dan, United States Korean Martial Arts Federation

GrandMaster James McMurray, 9th Dan, World KiDo Federation

GrandMaster Geoff Booth, 9th Dan, International Hapkido Alliance

Master Sueng Kyu Yang, 8th Dan, Korean Hapkido Federation

ChiefMaster John Murphy, 8th Dan, Tukong Moosul Kwan Hapkido

Master Steve Seo, 7th Dan, World KiDo Federation

Master Chad Zwieg, 7th Dan, World Sin Moo Hapkido Association

Master Dickson Kunz, 7th Dan, World Kuk Sool Association

Master David Beck, 6th Dan, World Sin Moo Hapkido Association