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Beck Martial Arts Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art of kicking, blocking, and striking that has also become a full-fledged Olympic sport. It is the world's most popular martial art, with over 20 million practitioners in over 140 countries. That popularity is nice but also means that most schools are focused on competition or on socialization of children. There's nothing wrong with that, but TKD is also an excellent martial art and a fun way to stay fit for adults and teens who can sometimes get lost in the sea of kids at some schools. The intent and idea of the Taekwondo classes at Beck Martial Arts is a fun informal setting (uniforms optional) to get you in great shape while developing fundamental kicking, punching, striking, and sparring skills in a safe supportive environment.  We will include some drills and techniques from boxing, Hapkido, Arnis, and MMA grapping (without the tattoos and attitudes!); and spar under a number of different rulesets to promote practical skills and avoid bad habits. The official class is 45 minutes, then another optional 15 minutes is available for forms work for those that want to progress with traditional TKD belt ranks.  

 Study of Taekwondo can benefit you in many ways:

The group Taekwondo classes at BMA are aimed at adults and teens, ages 13 and up. Most commercial martial art schools focus on children: they are open minded and tend to try hard, they are less busy with extracurricular school activities, and parents will pay high prices and sacrifice for their kids. Schools can make a great deal of additional income with birthday parties and parent night outs, etc. But I prefer to teach adults and teens that I can treat as adults. My location is a noisy distracting environment where it is very difficult to overcome short attention spans, and I want to teach self-defense arts rather than competition or socialization imposing over discipline on little Johnny by making him saying yes sir/no sir. Teens face special challenges where I can help, and they can fit into an adult class without changing techniques. There are many additional reasons I like to teach teens and donít teach the tiny tots; they are explained in detail in the general FAQS page

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