Group Class Regular Schedule:

   Martial Fitness (Taekwondo Kickboxing)
    - Tues 6-7 PM, Sun 2 PM

   Self-Defense (Hapkido)
    - Tues/Fri 7-8 PM, Sun noon

   Weapons (Arnis)
    - Tues/Fri 8-9 PM, Sun 1 PM

Beck Martial Arts News and Events


- Location change to 2621 Summit Dr Suite 500, behind the XO Communications building is delayed again. New planned start date Nov. 1st. October temporary locations are Custer Park and Sun Lee TKD Institute in Richardson (see schedule below)

-   Check out the specials page, for existing students too! There are bring a friend and private lessons specials!

Events Schedule

-   Oct 13: Special FREE outdoor training noon, Custer Park (Renner & Custer) in Richardson. Informal. Uniform optional.

-   Oct 16: at Sun Lee TKD location (Campbell & Collins) in Richardson, HKD/TKD 7:30, Arnis 8:30

-   Oct 19-20: Datu Knuttel seminar at Hidden Sword MA in Roanoake

-   Oct 23: at Sun Lee TKD location, HKD/TKD 7:30, Arnis 8:30

-   Oct 30: at Sun Lee TKD location, HKD/TKD 7:30, Arnis 8:30

-   Nov 1: classes start at 2621 Summit. TKD 6pm, HKD 7pm, Arnis 8pm

-   Nov 16-17: no classes for GAT seminar with GAT Puno Baet in Athens TX

-   Nov 29, 31: no classes for Thanksgiving Black Friday. We WILL have classes Dec 1.

-   Dec 20: last classes of the year