These are all sites of people Master Beck has trained with directly, not general links page to every conceivable martial arts site, health site, or self-help site. There are plenty of those around. These are the sources of where Master Beck's skills come from. For more information on exactly how much training Master Beck has done with who, see the Martial Arts Resume page.


Arnis links

Grandmaster Anding deLeonís website:

Master Beck also trained directly with Professor Remy A. Presas, founder of Modern Arnis. Three sites of his successors:,, and will give you some idea of the splintering that has been occuring.


Hapkido links

Iowa State University Hapkido Club:

Master Geoff Booth's website:

Grandmaster J.R. Westís website:

Master Chad Zwiegís website:

Dojunim Han Jae Jiís training DVDs website:

Sin Moo Hapkido Legacy Group website:

Master Yon Sun Kim's site:


Taekwondo links

Grandmaster Sun Heesup Leeís website:


Iowa State University Taekwondo Club: