Examples of BMA Arnis from various demonstrations, promotion tests, and captured footage over the years.


Beck Martial Arts Arnis example videos

Stick Sparring Sequence

Stick Partner Drills

MAPA #2 punyo locks - S-lock

MAPA #2 punyo locks - fang choke

MAPA #2 punyo locks - backspin to v-lock

MAPA #2 punyo locks - spin through to v-lock

MAPA #2 punyo locks - tass baba to v-lock

Knife Defense

A comment I'd like to make about one thing in this snippet: I recognize that it is a far better practice to throw the knife away after a disarm then to politely hand it back to a training partner. The way you train is generally the way you react, and I don't want to give a knife wielder a second chance! I have corrected this in my own and my students practice.

Redonda Demo/Explanation

2011 Seminar:The 12 Strikes

2011 Seminar:Twirling vs Power Strikes

2011 Seminar:Figure 8's

2011 Seminar:Armlock using the stick

2011 Seminar:Hammerlock using the stick

UT Dallas demo:Empty Hand

UT Dallas demo:Palis-Palis & Crossada

UT Dallas demo:Redonda

Sun Lee TKD demo:Empty Hand

Sun Lee TKD demo:Stick vs Stick

Sun Lee TKD demo:Sinawali